Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family Friendly is Good Business

I am doing some research this week for a project and have spent the last few days digging through studies looking for data to support the use of flexible work arrangements for businesses. Here are a few facts I found:

According to the 2002 National Study of the Changing Workforce, 73% of employees with high availability of flexible work arrangements reported a high likelihood that they would stay with their current employer for the next year. 39% of these employees reported, "high levels of loyalty and willingness to work harder than required to help their employers succeed."

According to the National Work Life Measurement Project, approximately one-third of managers indicated that their work group was more productive because it included employees who used flexible work arrangements

And some companies are reaping the rewards of the increased retention and productivity. Cisco’s tele-work program resulted in $195 million in increased productivity. Deloitte estimates they have saved 41.5 million in turnover costs since implementing flexible work options.

These are just a few of many statistics out there that demonstrate that flexible work is a good business decision for companies. So why aren’t more offering them?