Friday, May 22, 2009

Need some help negotiating a flexible work arrangement?

If you are ready to ask for a flexible work arrangement, but need some help, you might be interested in this. Tory Johnson, the CEO of Women for Hire, is looking for women who want to ask for flexible work to be featured on a television segment. Tory is frequently featured on Good Morning America as an expert in flexible work.

Read the excerpt below for the details:

"Do you need a flexible work arrangement?
For a TV segment, we’re looking for women who work fulltime in an office and are desperate to ask the boss for some kind of flexible work arrangement, but are concerned about asking, especially in this economy. If you’d be willing to share your story with our cameras, allow us to coach you on how to approach the boss, and then report the results, please tell us your situation. Send an email to FLEX TIME REQUEST in the subject line—and include where you live and work, why you’re in need of a flexible arrangement, why you haven’t already asked, a bit about the culture of your company or department, and what kind of help you think you need. Please include your willingness to appear on TV. If you’re selected, we’ll work with you to approach the boss in the proper manner about this dual request—your flex time and our cameras."