Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy (belated) mother's day!

My kids treated me to breakfast in bed yesterday. Actually, my husband did. The kids started to help him, but then talked me into letting them watch cartoons in my bed and he lost them. But it is the thought that counts.

The real treat, however, comes later this week when I escape for a girls weekend. Some friends and I are headed south for a few days of fun and sun. I am so looking forward to a few days of no work, no housework and no runnnig kids around.

Interestingly, a few moms I've talked to don't understand the girls weekend (or even worse, mom and dad only weekend). I've heard things like "oh, I could never leave my kids" or "I would just miss my kids too much."

Well, of course you miss your kids if you go away for the weekend. But, it isn't a reason not to go. And really, never leave your kids? Ever? Do you think your kids won't survive without you?

What many moms don't get is that a little break from the kids is rejeuvinating. Getting some time on your own is good for you. It makes you less stressed, and as a result, a better mom. Some of the moms who've told me they can't leave their kids are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety as they try to please everyone. Ultimately they often end up losing patience with their kids, or becoming so stressed they make themselves sick. Both of which are a lot worse for your kids than a few days without you.